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don't worry i'm certain it will be a trick question though we took communion you knew you could enjoy it. do you miss the old you don't a little worse know what it was told to go out on. a good storm just for the citizens on didn't look at which was more. precious so that this is true if there's . a super bowl and you see the song first in the room with the bush folks look over the world you know. well. as a serious athlete irina is a cross-country ski climber around freediver she also has a ph d. in medical science and works for the olympic committee's innovation center and across the right i see a variety of that is in my it's now clear it's not just nails on the shelves but in the it's in the spots and this is elegant. woman i use to go a book that i structure because a chain which i did just on the floor that fortune could use mystery christie so
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easily other and of course messy again your should be at zero appropriateness that was for a prostitute idea is. more like bites you but i'd say you have to smile after. andre always dreamed of being a cosmonaut or a pilot the became an aviation engineer he designs planes and his work is classified so we can't even be in his office and stated the office to go plane spotting with him. but to see it was cool but then you bring up things about home and personal fortune because the last twenty years for the defeat of the some i don't know. if this. at all look like it wasn't nice i don't know it's such a nice teaching. force or stance still a telescope. just loads of that stuff but the guy
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feels like he was going to go by devil worshipper. mitchell says the sheer number of. those in the bookstores are able to. be opposed to what is called. the new. construction but a shelter still. got a lot of money. before you can even apply it to the cosmonauts call you need new feel within fifty six documents first of all proof of perfect health for example you may not get through if you've got a problem or even a bad tooth so. you know go to the system.
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but you will. still have to. look at. your. i know why didn't you go with trumped up in your mind. over to be. the porch with the popcorn you have so complex go in there. over. the. law. i think i have come back.
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over something like. what the premium. bunch must be for you mr model. you will. be able to see the individuals within. the points of the. mistake. if you continue not logically agree you want to put winston because it was your will but. you. must change. you.
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know this is you know. putting words in your. families of those that couldn't others can live up to spend. the most because of them do before threatening them some people. who now are getting your thoughts although i applaud them about these proposed cuts. disputed. constantine and arena have now been crossing the strait of gibraltar for more than three hours. they have thought of the right motivation and a clear objective would make their swimming training easier and a nonstop swim from europe to africa seemed a noble goal. to the national in national team. boredom was that they saw the troubleshooters of that. some of the through the political.
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arena is hardly ever at home she's always on the road either they've been off to the deck are rally as they come as masters team doctor. more than a penny or two to get an update to be overcome i asked for she's off climbing mountains most recently everest she hasn't even had time to unpack the works of the book just to make sure you. don't live near moscow and yet i see it is mere. time for any of this under your bed on the earth for the ice not to lose because one that has. high choice you just were doomed to. a small that if you look at where you. put in the bus nights and i saw my books it's a good sign that the president has now left local novels and i've stuck them over
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cause they did. the videos show. me to become more years as i had some c.m. oceanographers who were into the church to which it's a slight. anything if it was national guard of a lawful. act. andries getting ready for the second round there's applications been accepted and now he faces several tests and exams the gym classes don't scare him but quantum physics and kinematics do the exams cover eleven different subjects. in the ocean and in mice much much you can ease of teaching it to go and so forth and why is physically. impossible to the data model for two disparate looking muscle to people it's not possible to be a bump up the user decide that we need your money in the book was the but you're fighting me too much since you need. me to be on the interesting thing for very.
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good reason to get. i don't do gooders who do do. question coach you could if you go near you wish you could prove this idiot that. supports typical measures that. look at the what the border of syria regime india. is under bush bosis about come back to talk to ben emerge from this is really a strange isn't. it about talk of the computer that grows only in this quote. sailor who took that to be a good idea to stay here and they want to mislead to match the smoky room with the chilkoot. there's a bell for you well as i was so sick of all of the offers you got off your album
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used. george with the whole world vision both of us hope. just a little of their total support school thought it. was a cool which will have a new stimulus with. full force a lot of it revolves she which i would have done to children. you already knew that if. you had just that because one of them genuinely want to. move but didn't start. never salis the post. not the promotional tour with the new he job which. you say was. zoomed up with the most people needs to. be sure. the spunky little. thing isn't because just.
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the words. we would go through the gates you. get us live with. more for genocide against for. the. they don't want what i. saw. my niece just in the now which. is just from the original. charge to. my store what. they are. what is our country is. it reno was among the three hundred seventeen who failed at the first selection
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around one hundred three candidates made it through to the second. what politicians to do something. to put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be rich . but you'd like to be prosperous like them before three of them or ten people. interested always in the waters in the. first six. months.
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after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to struggle from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge member fresh perspective from time used to surprising us all or nothing if you think. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you can think i was going to go.
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by the way ways of the slide here. the business model of facebook is to pressure people to continue community. through facebook and giving facebook personal information this is what makes facebook a surveillance monster so facebook does not have users facebook has used it's people that facebook use it's. u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from a certain branches officer says we're going to attack and destroy the government in seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with their money on others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being
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killed for a war surely we can risk some discomfort for an easy way for. the on site takes a few months as doctors trainers experts and psychologists put the aspiring cosmonauts through their paces. fortunately pop up to. continue through. a switch or in the quick. enough you know it's. some was a. good. question also for the man and. i mean. the. subways he chased. the was
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the one that received most of all but he did the wood on the c.b.s. show because the more. he started to put it in each of those two he knew. which means. to put of yours and the worth of. upper left on with the other when you're watching police. force which i wish for months to work. with. the motion just before course which was ocean's wasn't as much as one of the. andrea and constantine have waited almost eighteen months for this to the trials behind them they're in the final soon go to star city to learn who will be a cosmonaut characters of a loop so it's the way i'm saying you're. looking at it but i just need to know if we see you really could use the facility. and when you want to point to this that we don't know there is still that issue so we do want to know what the puzzle you
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know. what the. ball state is trying to be at the know that both of them were young and then yes because i lost. them way more. but the most of. because they knew we'd actually. be foolish. she. just. told. us the latest. when you. think you wish you. luck in the book and you don't want to talk still pointing your
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post has been pushing you to. our top story you want us to stop it but. that said let's go and see what their point yet. but don't know but then there's. nobody who. can remain a but only eight will be accepted the final challenge awaits and for the time being andrea is ahead on points. some ideas touch base for north america on a reality show just. who will next course have to uncouple both of cosmos to feel even worse by the way later found that. yes my post was that i don't post opinion reasonable absorptive you just wait on. what put me on the high just because i would. cook a war it that what i did so it'll cost you more with.
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the former someone into believing the president god of the a promise to know. the pain you read or study about the book on which nights the watch. that eighty. and we've come so if so. here. he must wonder what you're supposed to oh well it's a quote but the only source. of the new when you want to look we're going to put the slip. and you must discipline shows let's use the criminal within minutes later . to not see we see a little bit of those. most the most vocal use but there's still a mortar store. you don't want to steal to go with the queen in for similar to what . it was before.
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but i discovered the fun. but i don't look too familiar go to the what if you know just the next one often it's issue for us that with us will you. start to finish the thought i'm still in the body and i want to look at your. contention which kind. of develop a luxury oh yes lots and lots of thought on the back of. such was no gold watch that's been used. to do a bunch. of. jobs
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due to the steel i'm not that i which didn't. didn't gel examined to apollo the belief to go. constantine has studied to be a cosmonaut for three months the shuttle is so tight that he's moved into stuff city and only goes home for the weekends. he didn't use the single if i was going to just use. the fish. if. this. skill should be here be a major. did you. just issue which. will.
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be. to me. look you do or the sooner. you wash your shoe if it was small i'll get you there when you merged looks well up. you know what you know the pieces of metal dismissed. the ship. pull so much of the wood. should go to. the window to pull the longer the other groups are going to. go until the goal. is roots. down. to please give me what you can with if you just missed all of them go to the movie you just go on to go i'm going to be right apple dusty and i was with food.
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for more in the first. half. i've i've. read over their time little family but i'm. mobile much of that used to yodel feel filled with. survival training teaches cosmonauts to live in the wild that. it's in case their ship crash landed in a remote forest they've been in this parachute tent for two days three boys full fledged and i'm just making a total. but . difficult to get.
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this goodness to your old boy and you. wouldn't i mean you know you just someone. who knew a. lot. of money. and you will think of mine has been we don't believe you shut down the whole mission was not. just that. but. for your food all three of.
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it was possible. this is the first blast off constantine has seen as a cosmonaut everything goes well at the beginning. but after a hundred twelve seconds a sudden jolt. constantine immediately tells his wife not to worry the automatic safety systems kicked in and everyone is safe chock. a little flirtation to my guests a sturdy little attention to help create all the best of. all that's outside of the
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stalls already close up as he. go by the beach she looks the bit where she will say i was notional it was a oh. you'll feel of a. furnace and it sure isn't a shot. of. you bullets here and this but i'm about tired of only wish to guess just earth and most are going to dead to. the group that took about what you wish to them with no source but a little just a. notion
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of something must come to me if it's a. delicate emotional doofuses almost to wish mrs bush in your store. but the friend with the smiles. and so forth. with you will be sure. to start to. care for you must be a small police just use your voice years in prison chief is clear what i should welcome. i just knew brazil but she was decent and most because she was there out still. the most interesting piece of. history of the new machine europe in the last allegiance.
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i didn't say the numbers mean something they've matter us over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be old rich eight point six percent world market most thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know bored to miss the one and only boom box . bests just write her cocaine or four bucks with the under fifty it's
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a good job everybody use cocaine. cocaine you can smoke it this is worth fifteen already. tony. it's called k. to this is about a fifteen dollar bet and people smoke this one bigger second sweetie you go on these drugs in any city in the united states that you walk along. if you want to get it. i make money. and that's what i do every day.
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stories that shaped the week we could weeks co-founder julian assange is arrested after spending almost seven years holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london. as the rest of the global attention and concern over a song possible extradition to the united states. elsewhere a u.s. republican senators a military help in this way that about what he calls genocide by personally during that summit claims an invasion is being discussed behind closed doors. a military coup sees sudan's.


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